Book review: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children: the Graphic Novel, story by Ransom Riggs, art by Cassandra Jean

Riggs, Ransom, art by Cassandra Jean. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children: the Graphic Novel. Yen Press, 2015. $20.00. ISBN: 9780316245289. unp. Gr.5-12. P5 Q5

Riggs Miss PeregrineI wanted to like this book; I loved Rigg’s Miss Peregrine trilogy and generally enjoy graphic novels.   However, by boiling down the text to the essence necessary to support the graphics, much of the charm and mystery is lost.   The artist’s treatment of the characters (making Jacob look a bit manga-ish and giving Emma a slick, Gibson-girl look) makes them possess less dimension and interest and less likely to take on the rather serious mission of the book. At times, the artist’s choice of font size and background make the text difficult to read, as well. There is a half-hearted attempt to include historic photos, but they are so poorly integrated into the text frames that they distract, rather than illuminate as they do in the original novels. This perhaps might be a purchase to make for engaging reluctant readers, but it really lacks the uniqueness, character sketches, and cliff-hanging action that make this series so good.

November 2015 review by L.F., NHS Staff


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