Book review: Another Day, by David Levithan

Levithan, David. Another Day. Alfred A. Knopf, 2015.  $17.99 ISBN:9780385756204.   327p. Gr. 9-12. P8 Q8

Levithan Another DayThis book is a sequel to Every Day, Levithan’s bestseller about traveling spirit “A”, who wakes up each day in the body of another human. While Every Day is written from A’s perspective, Another Day is told through A’s love, Rhiannon. Their paths cross when A inhabits Rhiannon’s loser boyfriend (Justin) for a day. This brief encounter with Rhiannon is enough to convince A he is deeply in love with her and the rest of the book is mostly falling in love, breakups, teen angst, and trying to resolve the problem of an ever-shifting body form. However predictable, the book has many poignant moments and revelations (“could you love me whatever form I take?”) that make it an enjoyable, engaging read. A positive character arc for Rhiannon predominates in Another Day; she escapes her domineering slacker boyfriend and discovers she is a strong woman who deserves true love. In the end, though, neither A nor Rhiannon get closure. It’s a sweet story, but no trilogy, please.

November 2015 review by L.F., NHS Staff


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