Book review: Welcome to New Zealand: A Nature Journal, by Sandra Morris

Morris, Sandra. Welcome to New Zealand: A Nature Journal. Candlewick. 2015. $16.99. 48p. 978-0-7636-7477-9. Ages 8-12. P7Q9

Morris Welcome to New ZealandSubtitled “A guide to recording amazing discoveries in your own backyard,” this scrapbook-style book illustrated with drawing pencils, felt-tip pens, watercolors, crayons, and charcoal serves two purposes: in addition to explaining items in nature from “down under,” it shows readers how to prepare their own “nature journal” about their surroundings. As the author writes, “This book is full of inspirations, techniques, and ideas on how to journal.” Not all the flora and fauna included are indigenous to New Zealand; many of them are also found in the United States. This is a book useful to teaching in both science and art, inviting readers to exchange their journals with young people from other parts of the world. An inviting book for the curriculum.

October/November 2015 review by Nel Ward.


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