Book review: Jack Frost, by William Joyce

Joyce, William. Jack Frost. [Guardians of Childhood series] Atheneum, 2015. $17.99. unp. 978-1-4424-3043-3. Ages 4-7. P8Q8

Joyce Jack FrostThe first book in the Frost Chronicles and the third in the planned series of seven picture books and five chapter books, follows the background and adventures of Nightlight as he becomes Jackson Overland Frost after he saves the Man in the Moon from Pitch, the Nightmare King, and is flung to Earth. Joyce’s message is the forever boy gains joy and warmth from the children who he protects. Cinematic multimedia illustrations swirl planets, stars, clouds, and snow in rich colors and soft glows through the Golden Age of elegant Edwardian dress.

October/November 2015 review by Nel Ward.


2 thoughts on “Book review: Jack Frost, by William Joyce

    • Have you tried checking with one of your local booksellers or online with Powell’s, Barnes & Noble,, etc.?

      According to, there are two series with the following titles:

      Guardians of Childhood
      1. Nicholas St. North and the Battle of the Nightmare King (2011)
      2. E. Aster Bunnymund and the Warrior Eggs At the Earth’s Core! (2012)
      3. Toothiana, Queen of the Tooth Fairy Armies (2012)
      4. The Sandman and the War of Dreams (2013)
      The Guardians (omnibus) (2012)
      Jack Frost (2015)

      Guardians of Childhood Picture Books
      The Man in the Moon (2011)
      The Sandman (2012)

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