Book review: Stormstruck!, by John Macfarlane

Macfarlane, John. Stormstruck! Holiday House, 2015. 138 pgs. $16.95. ISBN:978-0-8234-3394-0. Gr. 3+. P8 Q8

Macfarlane StormstruckMy dog is such a joy, he greets me at the door and I have to smile. He is capable of communicating when he wants to eat or if he needs to go outside. Some people would say he has conditioned us to his needs. But I love him so much. Yes, there have been other dogs, the one that comes to mind is our Golden Retriever, Bear. He was loved by all who met him. The day that he had to be put him to sleep, we all gathered at the vet’s to say goodbye. My mom, my aunt, my cousins and my brother and sisters all stood and cried as they carried him away. To this day I still remember this clearly. Sam is 12 years-old the year he hears his family discussing his beloved Golden Retriever, Pogo who has been ailing for some time. His parents have decided that Pogo’s quality of life is no longer good, so they have made the decision that he will be put to sleep. To save him, Sam runs away with Pogo, sailing away off the coast of Maine in a fourteen-foot catboat. For Sam and Pogo, who become lost in the fog and marooned on a sunken ship, it’s an adventure that could cost both of them their lives.

November 2015 review by Carol Bernardi.

[Editor’s note: Another theme in the book has to do with Sam’s promise to his brother to take care of Pogo while he is stationed in Afghanistan.  In dealing with his grief about Pogo, Sam is also able to face his grief over his brother’s death.]


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