Book review: MiNRS, by Kevin Sylvester

Sylvester, Kevin. MiNRS. Margaret K. McElderry Books, 2015. 330 pgs. $16.99. ISBN:978-1-4814-4039-4. Gr. 5+. P8 Q8

Sylvester MiNRSIn the future, Earth’s resources have been used up and man is in danger of becoming extinct. Space and an asteroid seems to be what may save mankind. This asteroid would have destroyed Earth if the sun’s gravitational pull had not pulled it into orbit around the sun. Men and women have volunteered to go to the asteroid, now called Perses, to mine for essential minerals that no longer exist on Earth. For two months there will be a blackout in which no one on Perses will be able to communicate with Earth. As the blackout starts, an attack occurs wiping out the adults and leaving only a few children to survive. There will be a sequel as the final message that comes from Earth is “They are on their way” “ HIDE.”

October 2015 review by Carol Bernardi.


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