Book review: Good Night, Firefly, by Gabriel Alborozo

Alborozo, Gabriel. Good night, Firefly. Henry Holt & Company, 2015. unp. $16.99.                         ISBN:978-1-62779-222-6. Gr. 2+. P8 Q9

Alborozo Good Night FireflyNina, who is afraid of the dark, always has a night light on that helps her to make it through the night. When the lights go out one night, she is afraid until she finds and captures a firefly. All her fears disappear. Unable to go to sleep she use the firefly’s light to read by, make puppets with her fingers until… She sees the firefly’s light starting to dim and wonders how she can help. Her final conclusion saves the firefly whose light now glows through her window at night. The illustrations are done in pen, ink and watercolor then enhanced digitally are superb and highlight Nina’s and her firefly’s adventure.

October 2015 review by Carol Bernardi.

Editor’s note: Fireflies or lightning bugs are beetles (insects) that use intermittent bioluminescence to locate others of their species.  They generate light within their bodies throughout their lifespans, but the winking lights seen on summer evenings in the United States east of the Rocky Mountains is generally a mating display.  Children living west of the Rocky Mountains may never have seen a firefly.  For more information, see


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