Book review: Crow Made a Friend, by Margaret Peot

Peot, Margaret. Crow Made a Friend. (I Like to Read series). Holiday House, 2015. Unpaged. $14.95. ISBN 9780823432974. Ages 2-6. P8Q8

Peot Crow Made a FriendThe lonely crow plans to use sticks and leaves, snow and a seed, to make a friend. Unfortunately, his first two attempts fail, but as the spring sun melts the snow, he hears another crow calling and the two make a different plan. The simple text is accompanied by pen and ink drawings with watercolor. Most of the time we see crows illustrated as simply black, but if you look closely at living crows, you may see a rainbow of colors flowing across the glossy feathers. Margaret Peot chose to illustrate her crows by using only the iridescent colors without the masking black. This makes for a bright palette and appealing characters. Recommended for preschool and storytime audiences in pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, and public library collections.

October 2015 review by Jane Cothron.


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