Book review: The Testing series, books 2 & 3, by Joelle Charbonneau

Charbonneau, Joelle. Independent Study. (The Testing Series, book 2). Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2014. 310 pages. $17.99. ISBN 978-0-547-95920-7. Ages 12+. P8Q9

Charbonneau, Joelle. Graduation Day. (The Testing series, book 3). Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2014. 290 pages. $17.99. ISBN 978-0-547-95921-4. Ages 12+. P8Q9

When I first saw this series in the stores I shied away from it thinking it would be a bad knockoff of other well-known dystopian novels (namely the Divergent series because of similar symbols used on the cover). I was pleasantly surprised when it was nothing like any others I have read. I am a huge fan of post-modern society books and this series got me hooked instantly.

Charbonneau Independent StudyIndependent Study is the 2nd of three books and continues the story of Cia Vale who is eager to start her studies at the University. Trouble arises though when she is placed in a specialty that she does not want and she starts to learn the secrets of her society. The world she lives in is crafted beautifully by Joelle who makes it come alive with descriptions.

Graduation Day is the 3rd of three books and finishes the story of Cia Vale who has survived theCharbonneau Graduation Day Testing adventures but found out their deadly truth. Vowing to put an end to it all, tension and suspense are high throughout the novel.

September 2015 reviews by Beverly Minard.


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