Book review: Neil Flambé and the Tokyo Treasure, by Kevin Sylvester

Sylvester, Kevin. Neil Flambé and the Tokyo Treasure. (Neil Flambé capers, Book 4) Illustrated by Kevin Sylvester. Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, 2014. $7.99. ISBN 978-1442442894. 368 pgs. Ages 9-14. P8Q8.

Sylvester Neil Flambe and the Tokyo TreasureThe fourth installment of the Neil Flambé series lives up to the reputation of the others. If read in order, the reader is fully invested in the lives of Neil and his cousin, Larry, and this book tugs on the heart-strings a bit. Larry goes to Tokyo to write manga and Neil is left by himself in the restaurant. After a while Neil receives news that something horrible happened and that Larry has gone missing/was killed, so Neil decides to go to Tokyo to uncover what has happened to his cousin. The Japanese history in this story is lightly dispersed and without knowing it the reader is learning about food, culture, and the line of emperors throughout Japan.

September 2015 review by Cody Rosenthal.


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