Book review: Dead in the Water, by Chris Lynch

Lynch, Chris.  Dead in the Water. (World War II, Book 2).  Scholastic Press, 2014.  ISBN 978-0-545-52298-4.  188 pages, $17.99.  Grades 6-12. P7Q7.

Lynch Dead in the WaterThe main characters Hank and Theo are brothers drafted for WWII, Hank on a Navy aircraft carrier as an Airedale, and Theo into the Air force.  For the first time in their lives the two boys are separated.  The book had a slow start with many setting references to a small town on the East Coast.  Once Hank boards the Yorktown aircraft carrier, the book takes on a quicker pace and captured my interest.  Hank learns the ins and outs of his daily routine as an Airedale, develops good friendships, experiences foreign lands, war, life and death situations, and fear of the unknown.  I particularly liked the references and connections to the deep love of baseball between the brothers and the father.  They play catch to work out their problems and anger management. The book also deals with the realities of African American segregation among soldiers. This is a high interest book for boys interested in historical fiction about war.

June 2015 review by Andrea Kopshever.


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