Book review: Black Knight, by Christopher Pike

Pike, Christopher. Black Knight. (Witch World series, Book 2) Simon Pulse, 2014. $19.99 ISBN 978-1-4424-6733-0. 441 pgs. Ages 14 & up. P9Q8

Pike Black KnightA young, newly discovered witch is transported to a deserted island with a group of mortals, and they discover that they must fight and kill to survive. There are 6 groups of 6, each with a witch in the group but only 1 can survive to get off of the island. It is very exciting, once they get to the island, fast paced action, just the kind of book that the YA audience would love. I personally like that kind of book myself, but this book has a lot of explicit language, and sexual overtones that YA’s don’t need to be subjected to at this age. They probably already know it but we do not have to put in front of them at every turn. If this was for older teens, maybe 17 or 18, I would give it a P9Q8, but for anyone younger, not so much.

January 2015 review by Kris Cooper.


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