Book review: Send for a Superhero!, by Michael Rosen, illustrated by Katharine McEwen

Rosen, Michael. Illustrated by Katharine McEwen. Send For A Superhero! Candlewick Press, 2014. ISBN 978-0-7636-6438-1. $16.99. Ages 5-8 yrs. P9 Q9.

Rosen Send for a SuperheroTogether Filth and Vacuum plan to destroy the world in this bedtime story. Written with graphic novel style pages mixed, in Filth and Vacuum invade Townton. The call goes out for superhero. When the first three super heroes are defeated they send for Extremely Boring Man who puts both villains to sleep and saves the day. I take from this story that maybe we are all superheroes in some way.

April 2015 review by Patty Dodson.


[Editor’s note: This story within a story features comic-book-style pages interspersed within the story of a father reading a bedtime story to his children, but the rather exciting story of villains Filth and Vacuum invading Townton seems unlikely to send the children to sleep.]


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