Book review: The Prisoners of Breendonk, by James M. Deem

Deem, James M. The prisoners of Breendonk : personal histories from a World War II concentration camp. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2015. 24o pgs. Includes glossary (p. ix-xi) and index. $18.99. ISBN:978-0-544-09664-6. Gr. 7+. P8 Q9

Deem BreendonkBreendonk was a fort built in the early 1900’s, by the Belgians to protect their country from the invading Germans during World War I. In 1940, the Germans converted it to use as a “holding area” for prisoners being processed before being sent to a concentration camp or released. The atrocities that the prisoners faced were horrific and their stories are retold in this book. The author uses black and white photographs, maps, and first-hand accounts of not only the prisoners but those who worked there.

September 2015 review by Carol Bernardi.


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