Book review: I will Always Write Back, by Caitlin Alifirenka, Martin Ganda and Liz Welch

Alifirenka, Caitlin and Martin Ganda, with Liz Welch. I will always write back: how one letter changed two lives. Little Brown & Company, 2015. 392 pgs. $18.00. ISBN:978-0-316-24131-1. Gr. 6+. P7 Q9

Alifirenka I Will Always Write BackA true story of two young students, one in America, the other in Zimbabwe, who became pen pals and the impact that it has on their lives. The story is told in alternating chapters by 12 year-old Caitlin and 14 year-old Martin. In  Caitlin’s class, in America, each student is able to choose a pen pal, but in Africa only a few are granted this honor. Martin’s life is hard, his family is very poor, even the price of a postage stamp is hard to pay for. Through letters the two form a friendship that lasts into their adult lives. What was special about this story is learning what life was like in Zimbabwe and how as an American we take so much for granted.

September 2015 review by Carol Bernardi.


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