Book review: Breath to Breath, by Craig Lew

Lew, Craig. breath to breath. Little Pickle Press, 2015. $19.95. ISBN: 9781939775085. 456p. Gr. 9-12. P8Q9

Lew Breath to BreathThe story involves a seventeen-year-old, William, who moved away from Kansas to live with his dad after his grandfather passed away. During this time, William is drawn to a boy who calls himself Patches and claims that he has endured sexual abuse. As their relationship progresses, William’s anger turns to avenging Patches’ pain. This book made me want to know more and the way it is written left me speechless, especially with the surprise ending. Breathtobreath also showed that sometimes heroes/good people have a darker side/past.

October 2015 review by D.P., NHS Senior

[Editor’s note: In this novel in verse, the death of his grandfather sends seventeen-year-old William to California to live with his estranged father.  William deals with a new school, arbitrary household rules, football, hazing, and the dawning discovery of the sexual abuse of a young boy, who William calls Patches.  The publisher’s description says,”Inspired by a true story, BREATH TO BREATH explores what hurt and healing really mean: to survive you hold your breath, but to live you must exhale.” Reviewed from advance readers copy, expected release date November 10, 2015.]


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