Book review: Valiant, by Sarah McGuire

McGuire, Sarah. Valiant. Egmont Publishing, 2015. 368 pgs. $16.99. ISBN:9781606845523. Gr. 5+. P7+ Q 8

McGuire ValiantSaville and her father are leaving behind everything they have known to start a new life in the capital city. Their loaded wagon is filled with the precious rare materials that her father, a tailor, loves more than Saville. An accident occurs that severely injures Saville’s father. To survive, she is forced to take on a boy’s identity in order to earn a commission from the king. The story is part fairy tale and part adventure with a very strong female protagonist. Saville, who becomes the hero of the story as she uses her skills to outwit the giants, saves the city and brings about peace between the giants and mankind.

[Editor’s note: This adaptation of the fairy tale, The Brave Little Tailor, features a girl heroine who disguises herself as a boy. Her quick wits and courage enable her to stop an invading army of giants before they destroy her home.]

September 2015 review by Carol Bernardi.


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