Book review: The Safest Lie, by Angela Cerrito

Cerrito, Angela. The safest lie. Holiday House, 2015. $16.95. ISBN: Cerrito Safest Lie978-0-8234-3310-0. Gr. 5+. P8 Q8

Anna Bauman is a nine year-old Jewish girl the year that she is smuggled out of the Warsaw ghetto by Irena Sendler. Irena is a little known hero who saved over 2,700 Jewish children during World War II. Anna was one of these children, given up by her mother and father, whom she never saw again. She was given another identity and religion and saved from Hitler’s “final solution” of the Jewish problem. This story is aimed at younger readers but one that middle age students will enjoy as well.

September 2015 review by Carol Bernardi.


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