Book review: The Sculptor, by Scott McCloud

McCloud, Scott. The Sculptor. First Second, 2015. $29.99. 487p. 978-1-59643-573-5. Ages 10-15. P9Q10

McCloud SculptorDavid Smith makes a deal with death to become immortal: he can sculpt anything he wants, changing the human-built landscape of his city, but has only 200 days to live. Black and white drawings with blue/gray shadings depict the details of his environment—streets, shopfronts, pedestrians, skyscrapers, etc.—in from many magnificent perspectives. On the personal side, a twist of fate keeps David from selling his achievements, and he falls in love with an emotionally-damaged woman. David represents the comics world—overlooked but a vital part of art. McCloud has a long history of graphic illustration beginning with the teenage superhero series Zot! over three decades ago. His three informational books about comics—Understanding Comics, Reinventing Comics, and Making Comics—are classics in teaching comic illustrators. The Sculptor has been five years in the making and will join McCloud’s other works as a classic for years to come.

September 2015 review by Nel Ward.


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