Book review: Dragons Beware!, by Jorge Aguirre, illustrated by Rafael Rosado

Aguirre, Jorge. Dragons Beware! Il. by Rafael Rosado. First Second. 2015. $14.99. 153p. 978-1-59643-878-1. Ages 7-10. P8Q9

Aguirre Dragons BewareClaudette of Giants Beware returns, this time to rescue her father when he goes off to fight Azra the Atrocious, the dragon who ate his magic sword, Breaker, and his legs. The same cast of characters has also returned—Claudette’s younger brother, Gaston the chef; her wheelchair bound father who lost his legs below the knees; his servant Zubair; Valiant the dog; Claudette’s friend, faire Marie with the seven very odd princes pursuing her; and the evil Gromback with his gargoyle army. Brightly colored panels filled with energy, humor, and adventures provide a rip snorting tale as a wizard lays siege to the town of Mont Petite Pierre. Without preaching, the graphic novel shows that girls can be anything they want from warrior-like Claudette to diplomatic Marie, and boys can be frightened and like cooking. At the same time, the book is just plain fun!

Summer 2015 reviews by Nel Ward.


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