Book review: Three Sock Monkey books (reissued), by Cece Bell

Reissues of three books by Cece Bell, originally published in 2004.
Bell, Cece. Sock Monkey Boogie-Woogie. Candlewick Press, 2015. $14.00 ISBN 9780763677589. 30 pgs. Ages 2-5 P8Q9
Bell Sock Monkey Boogie WoogieThis cover of the book has a sticker that lets the reader know that they can flip the jacket over for sock monkey activities & fun.  The end papers are photos graphs of argyle sock fabric. This is a fun story about sock monkey wanting to go to a dance but he needs to find a dance partner to join him.  He ends up sewing his own partner by making a new sock monkey from some of the gifts his friends sent him.  I think it is funny because it shows how a sock monkey is made. The characters are bright and resemble toys which helps keep the theme of story being about a sock monkey.
Bell, Cece. Sock Monkey Takes Bath. Candlewick Press, 2015. $14.00 ISBN 9780763677596. 30 pgs. Ages 2-5 P8 Q9
 Bell Sock Monkey Takes a Bath
The formula for the story is the same as the other story.  Sock monkey has a problem, goes to his friends for help and then the problem is resolved with the help of his friends.  In this story Sock monkey is asked to attend an awards show and decides he needs to take a bath and get all cleaned up for the big night.  He doesn’t win the award but he decides to be happy for the winner.  This story helps teach the moral that one should be happy for those that win even if they are not you.
Bell, Cece. Sock Monkey  Rides Again. Candlewick Press, 2015. $14.00 ISBN 9780763677602. 30 pgs. Ages 2-5 P8 Q9
Bell Sock Monkey Rides AgainThis story is about sock monkey the famous toy actor.  He was asked to be a part of a cowboy movie.  In this story he is upset because he has to kiss a girl in the movie and I think some younger children will think this is gross or funny.  Sock monkey does go to all of his friends for help in preparing for the movie.  He is still upset about the big kiss and this makes Lulu the leading lady upset and she starts to cry and this makes sock monkey feel bad and he gives her a big smack to help her feel better.  I think young children may get so tickled about the kiss they may have a hard time concentrating on the story but this might make it really funny and enjoyable for some children.

September 2015 review by Melinda Dye.


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