Book review: Mummy Cat, by Marcus Ewert, illustrated by Lisa Brown.

Ewert, Marcus. Mummy Cat. Illustrated by Lisa Brown. Clarion Books, 2015. Unpaged. $16.99. ISBN 97805443450824 Ages 4-7. P7Q7

Ewert Mummy CatIn a dark and silent pyramid, a small cat mummy wakes to wander the empty halls and richly painted galleries, in search of the girl queen who once filled his days.  The story of the girl queen, named Hatshupset, in honor of the woman pharaoh Hatshepsut, decorate the walls of the hallways and chambers, telling the story of the cat’s life alongside his friend, showing a story of ancient treachery. But, though a long search seems fruitless, the friends are united at last.  Lisa Brown’s bright illustrations capture the feel of ancient Egyptian art along with depictions of the lively day to day lives of long dead Egyptian royalty and each page includes hieroglyphics for young readers to find and decipher.  Includes an author’s note on mummies, queens, cats, and hieroglyphics.  Recommended for later kindergarten, public and elementary school libraries.

September 2015 review by Jane Cothron.


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