Book review: Roomies, by Sara Zarr and Tar Altebrando

Zarr, Sara and Altebrando, Tara. Roomies. Little, Brown and Company, 2013. 279 pgs. Ages 14-19. ISBN 978-0-316-21749-1. $18.00 P5Q4

Zarr RoomiesTwo seniors in high school at opposite ends of the country begin corresponding at the beginning of their summer before freshman year of college, and surprise!, they are “roomies.” As they discover, their life circumstances are very different, and they think they want very different things in a roommate. The tension begins when they have some misunderstandings. (Easy enough to do when getting to know each other by email!) But they also share all summer and find some commonality in boyfriends and parent problems. A minor mystery is solved, and viola! By summer’s end, they are looking forward to being roomies and friends. This should be a fairly interesting book to seniors in high school looking forward to college, but other than that, it is a little light on plot and character development. The reader doesn’t develop much sympathy for either teen girl, as they both seem a little whiny. There are better teen books out there for a library to spend money on.

July 2015 review by L.R.


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