Book review: Yard Sale, by Eve Bunting, illustrated by Lauren Castillo

Bunting Yard SaleBunting, Eve. Illustrated by Lauren Castillo. Yard Sale. Candlewick Press. 2015. $15.99. 9780763665425. Unp. Ages 3-7. P7Q8

Yard Sale is a realistic, though sometimes painful, look at a family’s moving sale. We learn from the story that the family, whose young daughter, Callie, narrates the story, has experienced money problems and is moving from their home to a small apartment. This is a struggle that many families have experienced—an unfortunate consequence of the recent economic downturn. We follow Callie as she overhears strangers haggling for her possessions—first her bedframe, then her bike. Of course, the little girl does not completely understand why she has to sell all of her belongings and move to a small apartment where she cannot ride her bike. Her father then becomes emotional as he explains the necessity of the yard sale. Ultimately, Callie realizes that all of her things are not as important as being with her parents. Yard Sale addresses the strain of such a difficult event with light-hearted illustrations and a peaceful color palette that complements the weight of the story. Though it may not be appropriate for a general audience, this book will be helpful to young children and their families who are enduring a similar experience.

May 2015 review by Lillian Curanzy.


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