Book review: Explorers, by Penelope Arlon and Tory Gordon-Harris

Arlon, Penelope and Gordon-Harris, Tory. Explorers. (Discover More series.) Scholastic, 2015. $12.99 ISBN 9780545791229 80pgs. Grades 4th and up, P7Q8

Arlon ExplorersI was first interested in this book, because in the 5th grade they study early explorers.   This book not only covers early ancient explorers, but also recent explorers. I also like the fact that this book includes women explorers like Jeanne Baret, who had to disguise herself as a man in order to board the explorer’s ship and became the first woman to have sailed around the globe.   Unfortunately our Social Studies books do not have any woman explorers and this book would be a great resource for my Exploration Unit.   This book only gives a taste of each explorer, so it would not be the only resource to use if you wanted an in depth look at each explorer.   This would be a great starting point for many of my students and get them interested in exploration. A glossary can be found in the back of the book along with an index.

April 2015 review by Jo Train.


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