Book review: If I Had a Raptor, by George O’Connor

OConnor If I Had a RaptorO’Connor, George. If I Had a Raptor. Candlewick Press. 2014. $15.99. Pgs 32. ISBN 9780763660123 Ages 3-7 yrs. P9 Q9

What would you do if you had a raptor? Cute cuddly and oh so much fun if I only had a Raptor. I would use this story to begin a writing project about what imaginary pet a student would want and why.
January 2015 review by Patty Dodson.

[Editor’s note: An African American girl finds a box of free baby dinosaurs and brings home a baby raptor. As the fluffy baby grows, he acts very like a kitten–sleeping in the sun, chasing birds, clawing the furniture–and the girl gives him a bell so that she will know where he is. This book has more to do with the desire of children to have companion animals than it does with actual dinosaurs, but the charming illustrations will make it a favorite.]


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