Book review: The Farmer and the Clown, by Marla Frazee

Frazee Farmer and the ClownFrazee, Marla. The Farmer and the Clown. Beach Lane/Simon & Schuster. 2014. $17.99. unp. 978-4424-9744-3. Ages 4-7:

Family, a sense of play, and security are themes in this wordless book about a child clown who falls from a circus train and is taken home by a farmer. He cares for and plays with the child who does tricks during the farmer’s chores before the circus train returns and the child’s family welcome the returning clown. The stoicism of the isolated farmer on the prairie landscape melts with his encounter, and he maintains his cheerfulness even after the clown leaves. Minimal features skillfully show the characters’ emotions, and gray-brown gouache illustrations with black Prismacolor pencil, highlighted by the colorful train and the clown, convey the changes and shifts that come from the unexpected encounter. P9Q9 December 2014 review by Nel Ward.


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