Book review: Fad Mania!

Bix Fad ManiaOverbeck Bix, Cynthia. Fad Mania! A History of American Crazes. Twenty-First Century Books, 2015. $31.14. ISBN 9781467710343. 64 pgs. Ages 9+. P8Q7

This book talks about the many fads and crazes that have been popular from the 1920’s until today. Some of them are goldfish swallowing, phone booth stuffing, dance marathons, flash mobs, mood rings, pogo sticks, the Macarena, etc. (each topic covered fairly briefly and in an entertaining way). Each decade is a chapter, and there has a useful list of historical events that can help kids understand the fads in context with the times. I think this book would be useful as a supplement to an American history or social studies class.

December 2014 review by Carol Schramm.


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