Book review: Curveball, by Jordan Sonnenblick

Sonnenblick, Jordan. Curveball: The year I lost my grip. NY: Scholastic Press, 2012. $17.99 285 pp. ages 12 up ISBN 978-0-545-32069-6 P 8/Q 8

Peter is a freshman who blew his chance to continue his baseball career by using his pitching arm too hard and damaging it so badly he was permanently out of sports. Instead, he follows his grandfather’s interests, a man he’s very close to, and picks up sports photography. One day his grandfather gives him all of his camera gear, out of the blue. The story centers on the denial that people have when they come up against a physical illness: Peter and his pitching arm, and Grandpa and his dementia. The characters are well-drawn and you come to care about them. It includes believable school situations, and a love interest. Should appeal to middle to high school students. November 2014 review by Ann Goddard.


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