Book review: The Age of Miracles

Walker, Karen Thompson. The Age of Miracles. Random House, 2012. $27.00. 269p. 978-0-8129-9297-7. Ages 13+. P8Q8

As the world slows down, the entire planet starts to disintegrate, and 11-year-old Julia watches it happen. The premise is interesting although there’s no scientific background to explain the phenomenon, and the ending just leaps ahead leaving a large swath of time unexplained. Yet the analysis of societal problems when part of the people try to live by the clock and the rest of them by the gradually lengthening days and nights provides an excellent viewpoint about how disagreements are destructive to both sides. Walker does give some effects of the slowdown such as the deaths of birds, the inability to grow food outside, and the physical effects on people such as disorientation and muddled thinking. In addition, her writing sometimes glows in her descriptions. The book is published for adults, but it makes a great addition to teenage coming-of-age novels.

March 2014 review by Nel Ward


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