Book review: Grave Images, by Jenny Goebel

Goebel, Jenny. Grave Images. Scholastic Press, 2013. $16.99 ISBN 9780545519304. 208pgs. Grade 4 and up. P7Q7

Being in the grave marker business, Bernie hopes to one day prove that she can help her dad with his etches.   Abbot Stein offers his services as an expert in engraving life-like images on gravestones. Bernie realizes that something is just not right with the new engraver, when his engravings are done before the individual is dead. Bernie struggles with making and keeping friends, being a valued contributor to her family business, and being the only living child. Her mother mourns all of the children she has lost and doesn’t appreciate her living child.   Love is what saves this family in so many ways. Appreciation for what little time we might have left and a value in friendships are themes of this book. This is a great book to recommend to intermediate students. The front cover doesn’t do the book justice and it has been hard to get my students to read it. I am probably going to take the cover off and I bet I will get more readers.

June 2014 review by Jo Train.


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