Book review: The crazy things girls do for love, by Dyan Sheldon.


Sheldon, Dyan. The Crazy Things Girls Do for Love. Candlewick Press, 2010, 341 pgs., Ages 12-15. ISBN 978-0-7636-5018-6 $16.99 P4 Q5

A wealthy popular girl, a trendy hipster and a loner weight-challenged high school student all fall for the handsome new guy at school and in their search to make him notice them, they all find a cause that they are passionate about. At first the story seems a little trite, but Ms. Sheldon does have a knack for describing teenage angst and does a great job developing these characters. The reader does enjoy seeing how they grow and change their outlooks, leaving the desired prize to dazzle a new gaggle of girls. The cover of a girl in a pink dress on a bicycle won’t necessarily grab every reader, but those girls who like to read about other teens and high school dramas will enjoy it. May 2014 review by L.R.


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