Book review: How to catch a bogle, by Catherine Jinks.

Jinks, Catherine. How to Catch a Bogle. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2013, 313 pgs., Ages 10-14. ISBN978-0-544-08708-8 $16.99 P4 Q8

From the cover with its gold touches and high quality color illustration of Victorian children and a dragonish bogle descending from a fireplace to the richly descriptive story, this book illustrates quality authorship. Jinks has written a humorous, scary, poignant tale about a young bogle catcher apprentice named Birdie who has a singing voice worthy of the opera. She has not had an easy life, but demonstrates bravery, fierce loyalty and a keen desire to make a better life for herself. Not all young readers will enjoy tales of Victorian England, but this one would appeal to boys and girls alike and has lots of action and a satisfying end. It also has a glossary of rich Victorian-age words such as bedlamite, deadlurk, grindylow, and lushery (a low public house!). This would be a great purchase for a library or gift.

May 2014 review by L.R.



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